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About Troll Ventures

Founded by a successful entrepreneur with a strong passion for companies solving complex problems or everyday issues.

Troll Ventures makes strategic investments either in the very early phases or when the company has proven its survival.

We invest in companies in any category, with extra focus on technology.

A few of our investments


We have invested a significant amount in Visma, Scandinavia's largest software company, with around 10.000 employees.

The headless content system that is winning the hearts of all developers making any type of custom website. Sanity, a norwegian-based company with offices in Palo Alto - the heart of internet, is one of the most experienced in the internet sphere.

We are heavily investing in the new activity-service OfflinePal,, which will get people out to do non-online stuff worldwide.


Being a leader in online booking services, and lately expanding widely to the UK-market, TicketCo is a strong company with great ambitions and and even bigger potential.


We are - together with some of the largest investment companies in the Nordics - investing in BikeFinder, the new super-intelligent device that will tell where your bike (or anything else) is, live-tracked over GPS and mobile network.


We have invested in fintech company AUKA, founding company of Norway's first mobile payment solution mCASH.

Nudge / Tagbox

Tagbox, by Nudge, is a SaaS platform which solves the geotagging of any content, making it a perfect solution for any newspaper wanting to give its readers a local experience.

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If you have any questions related to a potential investment, contact us below. All enqueries are handled strictly confidential.